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Do I need to wear a face covering?


From Monday 19th July it will no longer be mandatory to wear a face-covering when you are not seated at your table, this will now be a personal choice However, all front-of-house staff will continue to wear masks for your protection.   

What have you done to re-open?

We have prepared a site-specific risk assessment around COVID-19, this has involved consulting all of our team before it was published.

We have also reviewed and adjusted our working practises and operation procedures, with emphasis on reinforcing frequent and proper hand-washing and social-distancing control measures.

How will you keep The Venue Clean?

Hand-sanitiser stations have been installed. These will be positioned at the entrance and exit, outside toilets and at other locations. A dedicated member of our team will be responsible for the regular cleaning an sanitising of The Venue, this will include the toilets.

All tables and chairs will be sanitised after use.

Will you be serving the full menu?


To help us maintain social distancing in our kitchens, we will be running a reduced menu as we will be limited to the number of Chef's we can have in the kitchen at any one time.

Are children still welcome?


Yes, Customers will be requested to keep children seated and to supervise them during toilet visits.


Are functions and events currently going ahead?


Unfortunately due to the Government restrictions on  large gatherings, our functions are not currently permitted to go ahead at this time.

Will I have to register when I visit?


The Venue is committed to assisting the NHS track and Trace system.  When visiting you will be asked for a lead contacts name and telephone number which will be stored on our systems for 21-days and then deleted. This information will not be used for marketing purposes and its storage will be in line with GDPR.

This is compulsory - refusal will result in your non admittance.

Do I have to reserve a table?

Booking a table is not essential but it is preferred. As we are working to a reduced capacity, this will enable us to ensure there is a table ready and waiting on your arrival.

What will I see that's different on my next visit?

We have introduced a number of measures to keep our customers and team safe, these include:

  • Installing screens at all till points

  • Introduced a one-way system inside our premises

  • We have spaced all of our tables 2-meters apart

  • Installed sanitising units around The Venue

  • Re-trained all our staff in cleaning and hygiene procedures

  • Introduced smart-phone ordering

  • Menus will now be single use

  • Condiments and sauces will now be served in sachets

How are you protecting your staff?


Hand-sanitiser stations have been installed. These will be positioned at the entrance and exit, outside toilets and at other All our team will be required to completed a health assessment before starting work on each occasion, this will include a temperature check.

When planning rotas, we will endeavour to have our team working in consistent teams (team bubbles). Our bar will be arranged into dedicated work areas with safe distancing guidance. Where possible only one employee will be assigned to a till and sanitise it after use. Hand sanitising and hand washing facilities will be located behind our bars. Protective screens are located at all till points.

Will menus be used by multiple customers?


All menus will be single-use, but rest assured they will be disposed of in our paper recycling bins.

Are the outside areas set up for social distancing?


All our external areas are set up with the same social distancing measures as inside.

To avoid congestion, smoking will not be permitted around the entrance and exit.

How many people, can I book a table for?


Under the current government guidance, the size of the maximum table is six persons. This includes children and babies.

How do we know your following the guidance?


We have been independently assessed by VisitEngland and have been certified as 'We're good to go' This means we have demonstrated that we are adhering to the respective Government and public health guidance, have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and have the required processes in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.

Can I still order at the bar?

Due to the restrictions from the UK Government, ordering at the bar is prohibited and all service will be table service.

Will PPE be provided for staff?

Non-medical face-coverings, protective eyewear, visors and gloves will be provided to all our team. Visors or masks will be worn by our staff.

How do you manage social distancing in the kitchens?


A site-specific risk assessment with details of the control measures introduced has been completed and distributed to staff. A maximum capacity of the kitchen team without the necessity for PPE has been set and is displayed in our kitchen. In certain circumstances PPE may be mandatory. Kitchen doors will be pinned open to increase airflow and reduce contact points.

Will there be a limit to the number of drinks I can have?


It is not our intention to impose any restrictions or limitations on the number of alcoholic drinks sold to any customers.

Our team will be using our 'worst for wear' policy as has been practised for many years.

Are Dogs still welcome?


Yes, Our dog-friendly bar and dining area will be open as usual. This area does have limited tables due to social distancing but are also welcome in our outside areas.


Is the weekly quiz still going ahead?


At the present time, we have decided to put our Monday night quiz on hold until further notice. This will be reviewed regularly against the current guidance.

How will you enforce the government advice on meeting people outside my household?

It is our responsibility to make customers aware of guidelines  but it is not our responsibility to enforce them. The member of our team responsible for monitoring social distancing will also monitor groups and gatherings, taking account of any guidelines.

Will hand sanitiser be provided for customers?


Hand-sanitiser stations have been installed. These will be positioned at the entrance and exit, outside toilets and at other locations. 

What payment methods will be accepted?


Our preferred way of payment and ordering is via your smartphone.

However if your not able to use smartphone ordering you can pay preferably by contactless or card. Apple and android pay is also accepted.

Cash will also be accepted.

How will you manage a group of customers?


We have extensive signage around The Venue informing customers of important information and social distancing.

We are discouraging large groups. If customers do arrive in a large group or attempt to congregate after arrival, they will be asked to disperse around The Venue if capacity allows or leave the premises.


Can I see a copy of your risk assessment?


We are happy to share the finding of our COVID-19 risk assessment with you.

Please e-mail us atl for the most up to date version.


Do you still have live bands and DJ's at a weekend?


Under the current guidance, live bands and DJ's are not permitted at this time. This will be reviewed regularly against the current guidance for the government.

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